CAMEMIS is an Education Management and Information System developed by CAMEMIS UG, a software company based in Germany, to meet the requirements of education management in both developing and developed countries. It is the web-based education management information.

The system allows users to store almost any information regarding your school electronically, including information about students, academic staffs, lecturers, course scheduling, attendances, grading, assignments, transcripts, and more. Most importantly, the information will be easily shared or searched with authorized and various reports are generated immediately.

CAMEMIS is configurable and can be easily adapted to schools located in different regions. It is a multi-user application that allows thousands of users to access simultaneously. Generally speaking, it is a cloud-computing platform that can be configured to become a public server with an IP or a domain name with no restrictive limits or a private server on school intranet. No matter where they are, as long as they have an internet connection, they can log into the CAMEMIS server to perform their work just as if they were sitting in their office at school.

CAMEMIS can also be a management tool for one or more different schools in one or more locations using distributed, centralized management. CAMEMIS helps the school staff's life to a great extent. With CAMEMIS, academic staffs can find information just in seconds comparing to what their existing method that so far spend up to many hours or even days. If a student is absent, an e-mail or a Short Text Message (SMS) is automatically sent to the e-mail address or phone of his/her parents.

CAMEMIS is a simple designed, user-friendly, continuously developed product. CAMEMIS will be regularly updated with useful functions (education management, forums, library management, facility management and financial management).

CAMEMIS is beneficial to many interest parties, including: students, parents, teachers, administrations and principals. Every party is conducted with a user account to access the CAMEMIS system. CAMEMIS is considerably cost saving for social resources and makes positive contribution to education development.   CAMEMIS provides parents a good control over children’s studying development. It also provides teachers, staffs and school principals a good channel to share information quickly.