Who Are We?

CAMEMIS UG Company is a Start Up entrepreneur, founded in 2010 to meet the demand for development of effective education solutions to the world. We have the vision not only to develop a complete and flexible education management solution that can be adapted to both developed and developing countries but also to share this solution to all educational institutions.

We provide solutions to improve the efficiency of education system. We are engineers, software developers and lateral thinker with a passion for optimization of forming processes, and believe that our solutions will make a lasting contribution to the success of our customers.
CAMEMIS' authors are  Vibolrith Kaom and Mr. Nguyen Xuan Hai who have spent for two years to design and create CAMEMIS and software programs in Germany. The Company founder, Mr. Vibolrith Kaom has a Master degree in Mathematics and Physics as well as 15-year experience in the field of Information Technology. CAMEMIS is multi-national team including German, America, British, Cambodian, French, Vietnamese and Ghanaian with common goals to pay contribution to improving education sector.
CAMEMIS UG is established and operated under the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.
• Experience – more than 15 years expertise in information and communication technology (ICT) in education sector
• Knowledge – Broad Knowledge of ICT in international education Understanding 
• Understanding of international educational institutions’ perspectives
• Integrity – Honest, neutral advice and solutions
• Value – At the heart of our value is optimum learning environment