Why do we do that?

Both fast growing internet infrastructure and the trend of using web applications instead of desktop applications have contributed to developing a very large market for software development firms.

Based on market research and information provided by partners working with CAMEMIS in South-East Asia, there is a growing demand for EMIS; however, only very few companies can provide a really good solution to meet the needs of those educational institutions. Compare to other companies which provide EMIS, CAMEMIS is the first mover on EMIS. CAMEMIS provide all features which are essential to educational institution such as academic management, e-learning, survey, forum, library management, collection and expenditure management, facility management, and data synchronization through all levels. The intuitive handing and desktop-like feeling makes it a pleasure for users to work with CAMEMIS.

Internet environment is the most appropriate environment to implement this business model, in which CAMEMIS provides solution to the needs of educational institutions by using advanced internet cloud technology and security enhancements. Additionally, the system would continue to provide regular updates on its existing features and additional add-ons in order to make CAMEMIS best fit to the modern trend of education.