Implement CAMEMIS with 10 Public Schools in Supported by Ministry of Education


We wish to

• To provide free Education Management Information System.
• To make CAMEMIS becomes fully school integrated solution and various add-ons exist.
• To continuously improve CAMEMIS product to be highly secure, and easy to maintain, adapt, and scale.

CAMEMIS is beneficial to many interest parties, including: students, parents, teachers, administrations, principals, educational district/ provincial department and ministry of education. Every party is conducted with a user account to access the CAMEMIS system. CAMEMIS is considerably cost saving for social resources and makes positive contribution to education development.

Fund from foundation will be used only to train and support schools or universities on how to use CAMEMIS. CAMEMIS is provided for FREE to each and every educational institution with user documentation on the website. However, some schools or universities require face to face training from our staffs.
Our team will need to maintain CAMEMIS and provide the necessary resources for the school to operate it. This includes maintenance of the cloud software as well as other high tech operations that would be difficult for school to deal with. If CAMEMIS needs more space or if there is a glitch in the system there can be some form of support for them to rely on that will not cost them anything. The support team attempt to train the school administrator basic troubleshooting tactics so that they can be more independent.

In the long run, our hope is that the school including teachers, student, guardian as well as the administrators as a whole will be able to easily navigate and operate CAMEMIS to best suit their needs. We hope that we can provide this service at little to no cost to create or maintain and that school is able to use the data to prove the correlations between the work they are doing and the success of their students and teachers. It is essential that we are successful in this because if their schools are proven to be booming centers of education and if they can effectively make an impact on the economic system perhaps this will prove that education really can make a difference in development.


Increase the number of enrollment
It can be generally seen that the school administration is quite busy with the daily operations and school has difficulty to focus to the very fundamental details on any student. Another reason is that management team has no way to summarize the students to analyze data and even less, the results for each student individually.
With the help of CAMEMIS Education Management Information Software can sum up the school leadership effectively by capturing both individual data and the data of all students. On this basis, the system can provide management to make the immediate and better decisions than ever. This leads to a better education and a higher number of enrollments.

Preserves the data in the school organization, easily and safely
Looking up data without any software tool may lead to incomplete and/or incorrect data and time consuming. Handwriting data is eventually no longer readable. Using CAMEMIS with the archive function will maintains the data of school in digital format, which make them always ready to be approached and are maintained in their best condition.

Streamlines the process of formation
The manual mode allows a great freedom and flexibility, which results in a less recorded or standardized way of working. An IT solution helps in proper documentation and standardization of education through the creation of protocols for each process of education. We document and manage much more information than the manual method. Access to the documented information is designed to be very user-friendly.

Increasing productivity and efficiency in the office / administrative staff
The implementation of IT solutions will bring school increasing working productivity, which will allowed maximum capability to manage a larger number of students with less administrative workers.

Reduces paper consumption, which makes the process highly cost-effective
In a school of thousands of data users can be managed. There are transactions or activities performed or recorded. The paper used for collection, storage and distribution of this information is very high. An IT solution with a good mechanism for the processing of information and exchange saves a significant amount of paper that is not only a cost factor

Strengthening the relationship with parents
Communication and transparency always play an important role in the formation of a healthy school-parent relationships and parents’ satisfaction with school. A properly equipped information system helps to better utilization of the parent-teacher meetings. There is not much time for creating an agenda and uses the preaching of general information. Some schools also operate their own websites and portals in order to keep parents up to date and to facilitate information exchange.

Saving time and costs reduction for communications
Automation of key processes in a school saves a lot of work hours per day, which is directly reflected in the expenditure of the school.

Provides a systematic way of strengthening the working efficiency of the teaching staff
As teachers can quickly and easily enter data and perform administrative tasks, they can focus more on its core theme of delivering education, instead of working on data management and administrative issues at school and at home.

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