Administrator Role will gain the highest level of privileged control over the entire CAMEMIS setting and administration.  Members in this role can control everything including creating and maintaining users of the system, assigning the roles and permission to users, backing up and restoring data, managing school setting such as general information, policy, calendar, academic structure, attendance, grading system, and so on.

With the Administrator Role, you can have privileged to assign other users tasks to best suited for organization structure. For example, Administrator can create a new user who works in student registration office, and then assign some routine tasks to this user such as: student registration, search for student, import from XLS file, view/update student profile, and so on.


  • bulletin board
    bulletin board
  • grading scales
    grading scales
  • subject
  • class transfer
    class transfer
  • club management
    club management
  • credit educational system
    credit educational system
  • examination management
    examination management
  • extra class management
    extra class management
  • school document
    school document
  • import student
    import student
  • scores management
    scores management
  • traditional educational setting
    traditional educational setting
  • training
  • check in item
    check in item
  • check out item
    check out item
  • item
  • Cash Management student1
    Cash Management student1
  • Cash Management student2
    Cash Management student2
  • financial management1
    financial management1
  • school setting format
    school setting format
  • school setting myschool
    school setting myschool
  • school setting translate1
    school setting translate1
  • school setting translate2
    school setting translate2
  • school setting_backup
    school setting_backup
  • sms setting
    sms setting
  • system user
    system user
  • import from xls
    import from xls
  • staff attendance
    staff attendance
  • staff contact
    staff contact
  • staff discipline
    staff discipline
  • staff register
    staff register
  • staff search
    staff search
  • staff setting
    staff setting
  • teaching session
    teaching session
  • guardian
  • scholarship
  • student absence
    student absence
  • student advisory
    student advisory
  • student discipline
    student discipline
  • student health
    student health
  • student register
    student register
  • student search
    student search
  • student setting
    student setting