Your expense on our support services will be used to support community of your country to improve CAMEMIS to be the best suited solution which fits in the education system of your country.

Please note that the service fee is listed in this site represents a standard fee. The fee can be lower depending on the availability of community in each country



If you are looking for an expert team who can help your educational institution to maximize the value of CAMEMIS to sharpen your school’s administration processes efficiency and effectively, we are ready to help you reach out your goals. We have professional team who can enable your school to enhance efficiency and transform your existing processes into better and cost effective processes. Our consultancy services offer a wide range of proven approach such as:

  • • Assess your current school system
  • • Propose a better system with the identification of opportunities for improvement
  • • Design an implementation plan to address your school’s needs
  • • Provide trainings to your staffs
  • • Provide a complete framework to maintain your CAMEMIS system




Installation There are 3 options available to install CAMEMIS for your school.

1. An easy way is to install CAMEMIS for your school on our hosting server. Our server provides automated installation feature with just a one-click installation. Click here to see more details of features offer with our hosting service.

2. You can choose to install CAMEMIS on other hosting server whatever you prefer. Due to there is no automated installation feature available in other hosting providers, you may need our team to provide installation service for your school with a standard rate 500$ per installation. You can find lower rate by the community which supports CAMEMIS in your country. Find out more details on community page.

3. You can choose to install CAMEMIS on your internal server. Please feel free to contact the CAMEMIS Community in your country.





Texting has become too important in people's lives to be the sole domain of a mobile phone, and that is why CAMEMIS SMS service exists today. SMS service is connected with CAMEMIS application which school administrator can send text messages to staff, teacher, students or parent any urgent notification as well as information.


School or university registered with SMS service can enables student to subscribe to their main mobile number in order to keep alert from school or university of absence, event, result of examination… etc. And it is also an innovative text message marketing system provides access to student via the most used gadget in the world, the mobile phone.



Data Migration


Data migration is a key element for your consideration when adopting CAMEMIS for your school. CAMEMIS provides a full feature to migrate all of your existing data to use with CAMEMIS.

Although CAMEMIS provides data migration features, this process can be fairly time-consuming process or error prone if your existing data has not been structure properly.

We are here to support your school for migration all types of your existing data into CAMEMIS faster and at lower cost. It includes a proven methodology based on best practices we have done as follows:


• Minimizing common errors by cleaning data prior migration
• Highly well-structured your existing data to fit with the database structure of CAMEMIS
• Accelerate time spent for migration process of your school
• Reduce risks of fault data and improper structure by using best practices methodology
• Lower the overall costs of data migration projects


Hosting Services

For fast, secure, and reliable CAMEMIS Hosting service, you can let us do it for you with all your web hosting related needs. We provide everything you need including automated installation of CAMEMIS system and the system can make it up and running in just a few minutes.
There is no limit to you in choosing hosting provider. You can either choose our Free or Paid service or choose any hosting provider you prefer.
Due to there is no automated installation feature available in other hosting providers, you may need our team to provide installation service for your school with a standard rate 500$ per installation or review community in your country for other rates which might be lower.

Does not require any IT staff to install or expensive servers
Deployed in minutes.
Backed by professional support
Hosted on highly secured servers
Fast and flexible LAMP architecture compatible with CAMEMIS requirements
Disk space Unlimited 20Mb
Data transfer per month Unlimited 100Mb
Peer to peer with domestic internet exchange
99.9% uptime
Price 300$/Year Free

Note: the price above is subjected to change depend on the availability of community in each country.