Almost every school wants to adopt the system to manage school administration but they are limited by cost and support. CAMEMIS is a social project just like a public service for them no matter what size of educational institutions is and where they are.

CAMEMIS helps you manage student, teacher or parent information. Our goal is to have an all integrated system in school from academic, financial, facility, library system which easily allows the administrator to manage anytime and anywhere.
Benenfits and ROI of CAMEMIS
For Society
CAMEMIS contributes positively to the advancement of education and leads to development of a country.
For administration
• CAMEMIS is a management tool for tracking the synchronization, accurate assessment of the education quality through statistical reports and help management agencies in strategic education planning.
• CAMEMIS help saving time, money and human resources in management.
• Centralized management of decentralized access secures information.
• Share clearer understanding of the practical requirements through the exchange of tools to interact with objects in management education, accordingly, adjustments are made for more effective management.
For Teachers
• CAMEMIS helps teachers to have a support tool for better teaching skills, For example, teachers can adjust actions in consistence with the trend of social development through information exchange and sharing.
• Benefits from sharing make contribution to educational activities.
• Easy to use, time saving, accurate assessment of the teaching and learning quality, intimacy and quickly shared with parents through the software tools (Message, Email, SMS, electronic transcripts, forum).
• Supports improving the competence through forums, reference materials shared on the network.
For Parents and Students
• Coordinate and monitor activities of their children's learning and school education more frequently.
• Easy to use, saving time, saving financial investment for children learning even with high performance. Closes and quickly shares information with schools, teachers.
• Benefits from sharing information, positively contributing to the educational activities.
• CAMEMIS tool brings to students a modern learning environment, early access to high technology and helps students work and study in disciplined and civilized environment.