Terms of Services

1. General

1.1. CAMEMIS is a service provided by CAMEMIS UG. By registering with CAMEMIS as user, you (hereinafter referred to as CAMEMIS User) accept these Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as TOS) pertaining to the use of CAMEMIS.

1.2. The services provided are exclusively for persons who have reached the age of the minimum age is 18 years.

1.3. The Service Provider reserves the right to complement, extend, change, discontinue or improve services offered, in particular where such measures will improve the technological standard of the services.The Service Provider will only make such modifications if they are reasonable and acceptable for the CAMEMIS User or if their implementation is required by law.

1.4. Furthermore, the Service Provider may, with the consent of the CAMEMIS User, amend the contract with the CAMEMIS User as well as these Terms of Service. Consent to the amendment shall be deemed as given if the CAMEMIS User does not object to the amendments within one month after receipt of the amendment notice. In the amendment notice the Service Provider will inform the CAMEMIS User of the consequences of his failing to lodge an objection.

2. Object of the contract, amendment of the contract

2.1. CAMEMIS provides an online service allowing CAMEMIS Users to access Education Management Information.

2.2. All services provided by the Service Provider free of charge may be discontinued at any time. In such a case the User will not be entitled to claim the continuation of this type of service.

2.3. Users of paid CAMEMIS plans (CAMEMIS FOR UNIVERSITY) agree that the invoice for the service will be sent electronically (via email). The invoice is valid without a signature.

2.4. In the event that the CAMEMIS Free User fails to log onto his CAMEMIS within 180 days, the Service Provider may delete the CAMEMIS and its contents permanently and suspend all access to CAMEMIS by the User.

2.5. CAMEMISFree Pages contain advertisements. The CAMEMIS User is not permitted to edit, remove, or conceal any advertisements.

2.6. The CAMEMIS of CAMEMIS Free Users are published under a sub-domain (e.g., SCHOOL.CAMEMIS.com). CAMEMIS Free Users are not permitted to redirect an externally hosted domain to their CAMEMIS or to display the CAMEMIS on an external Website (e.g. integration via frame or Iframe).

2.7. The Service Provider reserves the right to make use of the services of third parties in providing services.

3. Personal Data

3.1. The CAMEMIS User confirms that all the personal data provided is true and complete. The CAMEMIS User hereby agrees to the recording and electronic storage of this data by the Service Provider. The Service Provider will not transfer the data to third parties unless the CAMEMIS User expressly agrees to this or the transfer is necessary to fulfill the services (for example, sharing of data for domain registration with the domain registrar). The CAMEMIS User undertakes to keep the personal data updated. In order to prevent abuse by unauthorized third parties, the CAMEMIS User is under an obligation to keep the login data confidential.

4. Contract Length & Termination, Service Termination, Refund of Subscription Fees

4.1 CAMEMIS Free can be deleted by the User at any time, directly on that CAMEMIS. To do so, the User only needs to log in on the CAMEMIS and go to Settings to find the Delete Account option.

4.2 Unless otherwise stipulated in the subscription description, the duration of CAMEMIS Free contracts is 12 months, and renews for this same period of time unless the User terminates the subscription one month before the subscription ends. To cancel via email, the cancellation request must be sent from the contact email address on file for the CAMEMIS. The cancellation request must also contain the registered user name and date of termination.

4.3. The Service Provider may terminate the contracts with the User unilaterally and without stating reasons by giving at least one month’s notice. In such a case the Service Provider will refund any fees paid by the User in advance on a pro rata basis. The Service Provider reserves the right to terminate the contract without notice in case the CAMEMIS User fails to fulfill his contractual obligations (see section 5). Further, a breach of contractual duties may lead to civil or criminal action. In such a case any fees paid in advance on a pro rata basis will not be refunded.