Terms of Services

4.4. The Service Provider further reserves the right to remove the CAMEMIS and block access to CAMEMIS by the User in case fees are not paid. In such a case the Service Provider will inform the CAMEMIS User accordingly. Furthermore, in such a case, the Service Provider is furthermore entitled to delete (“CLOSE”) the user’s domain(s). By accepting these Terms of Service, the user grants CAMEMIS the explicit right to this type of termination.

4.5. Termination of optional services in addition to CAMEMIS will not affect the overall contractual relationship.

4.6. Upon termination of the contractual relationship the Service Provider will have no obligation to perform contractually agreed services. Accordingly, the Provider may delete any of the CAMEMIS Users data on the server, including emails in the Users mailboxes. Transferring the data related to the Users CAMEMIS to the server of a third-party provider will not be possible. It is therefore the CAMEMIS Users own responsibility to store and back up the data in due time. In addition, the Service Provider may, upon termination of the contract, have any of the CAMEMIS Users domains which have not been transferred to a new provider deleted by the relevant organization for allocation of domain names (CLOSE).

5. General obligations of the CAMEMIS User

5.1. The User is responsible for any contents provided or stored by him on his CAMEMIS. The Service Provider is under no obligation to inspect the CAMEMIS of the CAMEMIS Users with regard to violations of law.

5.2. The user is responsible for complying with all laws for their jurisdiction, as well as the regulations of the Federal Republic of Germany. This also applies explicitly to any additional legal regulations regarding operation of a store.

5.3. The User undertakes not to take any actions that may infringe or violate the rights of third parties (including their personality rights) when using the CAMEMIS services.

5.4. The User undertakes not to provide any contents which are legally prohibited or contra bonos mores (in particular pornographic, racist, xenophobic, extremist or any other reprehensible contents) or may infringe the rights of third parties (in particular trademarks, rights to bear a name and copyrights). Moreover, the CAMEMIS User undertakes not to use a CAMEMIS for the purposes of spamming or CAMEMIS Free sites for “link building” activities. In the event of claims due to illegal content which the User has placed on a CAMEMIS site, the User agrees to indemnify and hold CAMEMIS harmless from any claim or demand. The user also agrees to assist CAMEMIS in every manner in responding to and in defense of such claims.

5.5. The CAMEMIS User undertakes not to create direct links from other websites to CAMEMIS.

5.6. The CAMEMIS User undertakes to observe all legal requirements pertaining to the provision of contact details or any equivalent legislation in the country of use.

5.7. The CAMEMIS User is under an obligation to regularly back up all data files and software settings to which he has access. In all cases the CAMEMIS User is required to take appropriate data backup measures before making changes to his CAMEMIS and, provided that the Service Provider has notified the User in due time, before maintenance work is carried out by the Service Provider. Under no circumstances may backup copies be saved on CAMEMIS’s servers.

5.8. The CAMEMIS User is prohibited from sending large numbers of emails with the same content without the consent of the recipients (spam) via systems or servers of the Service Provider.

5.9. The CAMEMIS User will use the designs provided by CAMEMIS exclusively for his CAMEMIS. The CAMEMIS User is expressly prohibited from storing the CAMEMIS and transferring it to and using it on an external server.

6. Service Disruption

6.1. The Service Provider will endeavor to ensure that the services are available and function properly at all times. The User acknowledges, however, that for technical reasons as well as due to the Service Provider's dependence on external factors, e.g. telecommunications networks, the uninterrupted availability of individual CAMEMIS cannot be guaranteed. The CAMEMIS User can therefore not assert a claim for continual access to the CAMEMIS. Access restrictions of only a temporary nature shall not constitute grounds for warranty claims nor a right to extraordinary termination. In addition to the possible access restrictions due to circumstances beyond the Service Providers control, the Service Provider also reserves the right to impose temporal and/or complete access restrictions, particularly where the CAMEMIS is temporarily disabled for the purpose of installing technical improvements or eliminating errors and defects, etc.

6.2. In order to ensure the proper operability of the CAMEMIS editing function, a number of system requirements are required. A list of these requirements is available here. The Service Provider is not liable for disruptions caused by different system configurations.